We have received numerous requests by our customers whether it would be possible for them to rent our systems instead of buying them. Having discussed this newly emerged demand, the administration of our company have decided on offering our customers

the opportunity to rent certain machines of ours

instead of having to buy them. This mainly applies to our customers in Hungary, especially those who are already in some kind of a business relationship with our company but, naturally, we do not wish to exclude any enquirer.

Why is this good for you and your company?

• Beacuse, this way, you do not need to pay off the whole price of the system in advance but in monthly installments. You can use our machine for a precalculated monthly fee without restrictions, while this fee instantly pays back as you are saving money by using our system.

• You can mark the monthly rental fee, being by far a lower amount than the full retail price, as a kind of maintenance cost in the books of your company.

• Your rented system possesses a full warranty over the whole period of the rental as opposed to the fixed length warranty (12 months by default) of purchased machines.

• If there is a major change in your production, which renders our system limitedly usable or useless to you, you do not need to dump it or put it in storage. Thanks to our systems being built of modules, it can be altered in any custom way to suit your newly emerged needs.