Machine Vision

We undertake designing and manufacturing machine vision systems with one or several cameras, also in special cases where commercially available, standalone machine vision products are insufficient to solve the given problem. For this purpose, we mainly use either the intelligent compact cameras of Cognex Corporation or our self-developed, PC-based VXS system, which incorporates non-intelligent industrial cameras, in the latter system of which Cognex products can be integrated as well. (You can learn more about machine vision here.)


Automation and Manufacturing of Machinery

We undertake automation of entire manufacturing lines, altering/reprogramming of currently used automated systems as well as altering, designing and building machinery (manufacturing cells). By the help of our own mechanical workshop and assembly shopfloor, we are able to conduct most of the mechanical production and assembly ourselves at our own premises.


Hardware and Software Development

We undertake partial or entire development of special electronic hardware elements or devices as well as software development for general or special purposes. The development is done within doors ranging from PCB planning to PIC-programming. Furthermore, we are able to produce simpler PCB's ourselves.


We can help your company in the following fields:

LOGISTICS RFID product tracing, logistics software development, camera-based identification systems and intelligent security camera systems
RAW MATERIALS quality control, sorting by camera-based or mechanical solutions
PRODUCTION MACHINES development and manufacturing of electronics and mechanics, integration of intelligent camera systems, development, production and installation of automatic optical imaging (AOI) systems, high-speed cameras (with recording frame rates up to 16.000 fps!), data gathering and storage for production lines
WORKFORCE training on operating camera systems, technical consultation
PRODUCTS quality control, sorting by camera-based or mechanical solutions