We design and produce machine vision systems. Most of our machines are fully automated and they are ready-made solutions for those of our customers who are seeking not only separate components but fully integrated systems and complete solutions for their specific problems. The software, the hardware and PLC components, the latter being responsible for the communication between the software and the hardware, are both designed by our experts.

The majority of the staff is electrical engineers, having many years of experience in the development and installation of machine vision systems. All the tasks that are not closely related to the main activities of the company (automation, mechanical construction etc.) are performed by subcontractors. We have completed numerous projects both in Hungary and abroad, and a significant share of the multinational companies playing an important role in the Hungarian economy are among our customers.

We use the most up-to-date technologies available in the form of devices and accessories from the biggest name companies in the field of machine vision and automation as well as our self-developed and oftentimes self-manufactured electronic components. The latter is often crucial as many of our tasks cannot be solved with standard, commercially available devices or parts because of their being so unique.

Our principle is that we either tell the customer that what they ask for is not solvable (by us, at least) or, if we undertake a project, we do finish it the way the customer expects us to, providing them with a ready-made solution to their problem.