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Vision-Experts Co. Ltd.

is an industrial image processing and automation design, [software and hardware] development, manufacturing, tool and system integrator engineering company.

Our 7 main fields of expertise are image processing, software development, PLC programming, development of user interface, electronics and mechanics, system support and servicing.

We solve our tasks with our self developed VEXiS system...
VEXiS is a PC-based image processing system (running under Windows, based on proprietary software) that can be extensively extended and customised. We have extended our activities to automation tasks in a broader sense, even beyond image processing, for which we have all the necessary software and hardware expertise.

Our equipment is built using the most advanced, intermixable technologies, cameras and lenses from supported manufacturers. We are distributors and system integrators for several manufacturers (FASTEC IMAGING, SICK AG, Edmund Optics).

We manufacture and integrate proprietary hardware components (e.g. lights, controllers) in cases where the task cannot be solved with any commercially available target hardware.

  • What can our clients rely on us for by organisational/operational area?
  • MANUFACTURING MACHINES: Design and manufacture of mechanics and electronics, integration of intelligent camera systems, development, manufacture and installation of automatic image processing (AOI) systems, high-speed camera (up to 16.000 fps!) devices, assembly line data collection and storage.
  • RAW MATERIALS, READY-MADE PRODUCT: quality control, sorting with camera image processing system.
  • HR: Training for the use of camera monitoring systems, engineering consultancy.