Surface fault detector

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VEXiS 3D camera system for the inspection of laser welds on disks. The system consists of 4 cameras, 2 of which take 3D images of the upper and lower parts of the plate.

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VEXiS camera system for optical inspection of silicon single crystal diodes.


  • 2021 Magyar Ipari Célgép Nagydíj Vision-Experts Vexis
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Diode geometry and crack detection VEXiS camera system with a sorting speed of 10 pcs/sec. Two identical systems were made for the same product.

The device is the winner of the LINAMAR Special Award of the 2021 Hungarian Industrial Target Machine Grand Prix.


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VEXiS camera system for DLC coating inspection of parts. 2 systems were built for two different products. One system contains 4 high resolution color cameras.

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Search for subpixel defects on LCD screen with VEXiS camera system.

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VEXiS camera system for monitoring the Teflonisation of a piston in an air conditioner compressor.