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Product name: 

VEXiS camera system, which reads, synchronizes and archives the various codes (barcode, 2D code) and characters (OCR) on the product using high-resolution images. We have developed 5 systems for different products and production lines.

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Product name: 

VEXiS 3D camera system for the inspection of laser welds on disks. The system consists of 4 cameras, 2 of which take 3D images of the upper and lower parts of the plate.

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Product name: 

3D dimensional inspection of the rim after punching and rimming of metal bottles using the VEXiS camera system.

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Product name: 

Filament inspection of car headlamps with VEXiS camera system. The filament is wound from a 20µm thick tungsten filament. During winding, the tungsten filament can crack along its length; the equipment checks this. We manufactured 2 identical devices.

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Product name: 

Dimensional inspection of ABS unit pump connector using a VEXiS camera system.

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  • vexis000878

Checking the dimensions of exhaust gas diffuser blades in car turbos using the VEXiS camera system. Measuring accuracy is 12µm with a minimum tolerance of 12µm. Two systems were manufactured, one manual and one automatic.

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Product name: 

A filler is added under the BGA encapsulated part to protect the solder, and the larger parts are soldered to the PCB. The VEXiS equipment is used for measuring the position and volume of the filler and adhesive. 2 AOIs were made for two production lines.

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VEXiS camera system controlling the cutting to size of a continuously cast steel bloom at a temperature of 1000 C°.


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Product name: 

VEXiS camera equipment to check the correctness of the bonding. It can also check bondings in 3D. We have supplied 7 pieces of equipment to inspect different products.


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Product name: 

VEXiS equipment for checking the colour and lettering of fuses mounted in the fuse panel of cars. Only fuses with the correct colour and lettering can be in the given location. 21 AOI's were made to check various fuse panels.