Our company, in cooperation with STI Petőfi Printing House, has created a machine that is capable of inspecting the quality of Braille writing printed on any kind of flat surface by the help of a camera, precisely measuring the height of dots protruding from the plain.

The machine can inspect printed (i.e. embossed) Braille text composed of standard size cells on a surface approximately equivalent of size A4, containing maximum 4 lines. Measuring precision is 0.005 mm. The Basic version of the machine cannot read the Braille text, only inspect its quality, but the Advanced version can also give you a translation of what is written on the inspected surface in Braille. This interpreting feature can be programmed for several languages and Braille character sets.

The working method of the machine is very simple. The product (one of the surfaces of which is to be measured) has to be placed in the drawer that moves beneath the camera, which is built in in 45 degrees compared to the drawer. Upon starting the measuring, a laser line is projected perpendicularly onto the surface to be measured and a series of photographs is taken during the movement of the drawer. Processing of this recording provides a 3-dimensional image of the inspected surface, out of which the precise height value of individual dots can be read.

The machine processes the 3D image, then graphically displays the height of individual points, providing different height values with different colours.

The machine is controlled by a regular PC, which runs a software produced by our company. It has an easy-to-learn and easy-to-handle graphical interface, by which the necessary settings can be made.

3D image of the scanned Braille print

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